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Kobe Bryant & Nipsey Hussle murals in Los Angeles / Southern California

To view turn-by-turn directions for Kobe Bryant and Nipsey Hussle mural locations in Los Angeles and Southern California (traveling from South to North): click here

Click here to view our map of all Kobe mural locations.


(London's Pub & Grill)

Artist @velaart

(Zero Givens)

Artists @sergileto and @johnzenderart

Artists @myinkflow @pricegoodman

(Soul On Ice)

Artists @gz.r and @alfonsogarcialettering


Artists @jayo_v and @justcreatedit

Artist @royyaldog

(World Auto Body & Paint)

Artists @reno.awr @honor719 @oxroxawr @graffitalo @it_to_the_limit @reef1979 @cloer_one @therenots_dam @wil.e_ ⁣

Artist @alecmonopoly

(Trendsetters Barber Shop)

Artist @


Artist @joethry

Artists @eyesbehindart and @dehmq

Artist @fabez


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