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Kobe Bryant murals in Orange County, California

Murals in Orange County (OC) including Anaheim, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach.

To view turn-by-turn directions for all Kobe Bryant mural locations in Orange County below (from North to South): click here

Click here to view our map of all Kobe mural locations.


(Pearson Park)

Artist @brianpetersonart

(Downtown Santa Ana)

Artist @sloe_motions

Artist @alepsis.h

(Ashe Society)

Artist @mikalataylormade @tonycncp @xistheweapon

Artists @alexvarasteh, withvividcolor, ernestdoty

(Social Costa Mesa)

Artists @andaluztheartist

(El Toro Bravo)

Artists @tykewitnesawr

(Golden Spoon)

Artists @jacrispy_signcompany

(European Optical)

Artist @hungfineart


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