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Kobe Bryant mural walls on Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

Melrose Avenue is home to some of the best art murals in all of Los Angeles. Numerous Kobe murals can be found on Melrose within a couple blocks.

To view walking directions for Kobe Bryant mural locations on Melrose Ave (from West to East): click here

Click here to view our map of all Kobe mural locations.


8126 Melrose Ave

Artist @alecmonopoly

7829 Melrose Ave

(Sorella Boutique)

Artist @paintedprophet

7751 Melrose Ave

(Fala Bar)

Artist @paintedprophet

7725 Melrose Ave

(Shoe Palace)


7565 Melrose Ave

(Visible before 11AM)

Artist @muckrock

7551 Melrose Ave

Artist @alecmonopoly

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