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Kobe Bryant murals by Staples Center, Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA)

There are dozens of Kobe Bryant murals located in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) near Staples Center.

Turn by turn directions for all locations below in DTLA starting at Staples Center: click here

Click here to view our map of all Kobe mural locations.


(near Staples Center)

Artist @never1959

Artists @odeith and nikkolas_smith

(Hardcore Fitness)

Artist @sloe_motions

(Jimmy Jam T-Shirts)

Artist @sloe_motions

Artist @enkone

(La Casita Hotel Figueroa)

Artist @pauldanielsart

(Grand Central Market)

Artist @never1959

(Container Yard)

Artist @royyaldog

(Traditional DTLA)

Artist @ladieizms_


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