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Kobe Bryant murals in Mid-City to Hollywood, Los Angeles

Murals in Mid-City, Mid-Wilshire, La Brea and Hollywood.

To view turn-by-turn directions for Kobe Bryant mural locations in Mid-City to Hollywood, Los Angeles (traveling South to North): click here

Click here to view our map of all Kobe mural locations.


1612 S Cloverdale Ave

Artist @royyaldog

4566 Pickford St

(Pickford Market)

Artist @muckrock

1434 South La Brea Ave

(Wrap It Up)

Artists @slot_one_the_servant

1261 N La Brea Ave

(Trendsetters Barbershop)

Artists @leviponce

6801 Hollywood Blvd - Kobe Oscars Mural

(Hollywood & Highland Center, 4th Floor)

Artists @brianpetersonart

1921 N Highland Ave

(Holiday Inn, Hollywood)

Artists @alex_ali_gonzalez

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