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Kobe Bryant murals in South Los Angeles

Murals near South LA, including Jefferson Park, Crenshaw, Inglewood, Figueroa St, Watts and South Gate, Los Angeles.

To view turn-by-turn directions for Kobe Bryant mural locations in the South Los Angeles area (traveling North to South): click here

Click here to view our map of all Kobe mural locations.


(Shoe Palace)


(Full Blown Performance)

Artist @dannymateo

(CBC Cajun Seafood)

Artist @paintedprophet

(CBC Cajun Seafood)

Artist @paintedprophet


Artists @rubenrojas

(Zero Givens)

Artists @sergileto and @johnzenderart

(Reggie's Liquor)

Artists @la_conecta

(Warning Skate Shop)

Artists @gz.jr

(Watts Civic Center)

Artists @pequebrown

(Tweedy Medical Group)

Artists @alepsis.h


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